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When Charlie (Kacey Barnfield) and her partner Cerina (Anya Monzikova) decide to have a baby, they go to Cerina’s estranged ex-boyfriend Josh (Michael Worth) to help fill in the “blanks”. But when old feelings return to the surface, the new feelings are not coming in without a fight. This unique threesome must each confront their own “closeted” emotions before allowing a new light to shine into all their lives.


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For two thousand years, the rise and fall of Julius Caesar has captivated the world.  All know his name.  Few know the truth.

Power. Secrets. Betrayal.

While Caesar builds his power in Rome, weaving a web of spies and alliances, one young girl’s fate is on a collision course with his own. Rome’s biggest challenge of the past 20 years came from a man known as Spartacus. Now, his unknown daughter threatens all that Rome has built.

Love. Honor. Treachery.

Justina.  A name lost to history.  A young girl, barely a woman, raised in the Roman elite. When her true identity is discovered, the revelation will send her world spinning and propel her down a path toward her destiny…and Caesar. With enemies and lies encompassing her entire existence, her true past will determine her incredible future and that of the entire Republic.

Las Vegas Pop Culture Expo

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LV Pop Culture Expo is a convention where all things pop culture reign supreme. Come join us and other enthusiasts for a weekend of fun! Check out exhibitors’ wares, play video games, dress up as your favorite pop culture characters and pay homage to your favorite comic book/tv show/movie/video game/sport/band.