CNC Movie Factory (CNCMF) a non-profit organization that was created to give hope to those fighting life’s most challenging battles. Every person at some point in their life will face circumstances that seem insurmountable. These challenges are deeply personal and can range from bullying to life threatening illness. CNCMF’s mission is to share relatable stories of courage and fortitude through the medium of film and inspire those in the midst of battle to keep fighting!

The idea for CNCMF blossomed over the course of twenty years.   Chris Ross, Co-Founder has followed the philosophies and practices of martial arts as a way to conquer his life’s challenges.  He found profound inspiration in films like Bloodsport , To Be The Best, and the Kickboxer series.  This inspired courage and planted the seed for the creation of CNCMF.  Natalie Cardenas, Co-Founder was searching for a way to honor the lives of those she loved and lost as a result of terminal illness.  These two individuals forged a deep bond based on courage and hopefulness in the most challenging of life’s circumstances.  This bond resulted in the creation of CNCMF and their desire to provide hope to others